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New Climax Lounge & Event Center


The New Climax Lounge & Event Center (2217 Welton Street), which got its start four decades ago as an after-hours joint, has a colorful past.  Located in Five Points on Washington St. where the Five Points Business Organization offices reside now, over 40 years ago, the Climax was the place to be.  Co-owned at the time and after the relocation to the Welton Street address in 1967, Mr. Bryant became sole owner in June of 1973 and has owned it since.   But over the past few years, the Climax hasn't seen a lot of action.


The new General Manager says his great uncle had maintained the business single-handedly over the past forty years, but lately hadn't had enough energy to keep the place running at full steam. Mr. Bryant, a cement contractor by trade, whose stamp can still be witnessed at the downtown bus terminal, sustained the nightclub tradition until now.  So the owner enlisted his great nephew, a Denver native and entertainer, who'd been living in the San Francisco Bay Area, to come back and pump some youthful energy into the venue, which is now called the New Climax Lounge & Event Center.  Yes, the venue has been leased and called a few different things over the years, but the legend of Five Points is back!  It's not the old thing, even though some of the old mystique and decor still exist.  “Hopefully, we’ve found a way to keep the antiquity of the décor, with a few upgrades to modernize the customers experience,” says the GM.   There's new management working with old management, combing their 200 + years of experience to create a new structure and some new ways of doing business."



Completed Restored


One of the staples of the New Climax's history had been it's patrons coming and having an great time dancing and meeting new people.  We've had the inner real estate of the dance floor restored and refinished to bring back that experience for customers.  The new dance floor is as smooth as butter and everyone from line dancers and steppers to occasional party goers find it amazing to dance upon.  Come and check it out for yourself.

New Outdoor Lounge Area


Newly designed and ready for outdoor socializing with friends and family.  Relax and enjoy good conversation.  With more to come in the future, for now, you and your friends and family can experience the beautiful Colorado skies and book this area for your own private outdoor adventures.

Meaningful Engagements


Meaningful engagements translates into long standing relationships.  New Climax Lounge and Event Center endeavors to make real connections with our community.  We will touch the community in impacting ways.  Our mission is to give back to the community that serves us.  We understand that contribution is one of the most critical parts of success in business.  Look forward to new, innovative and exciting events for the entire family!  Partnerships are necessary for a growing business like ours.  If you want to partner with us and find out more about how you can make a difference, please submit your information on our 'contact' page.  Thank you and hopefully we speak soon.

Smokehouse Meats BBQ, LLC.

Dave & Penny


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